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FreeRTOS+IO Commercial License
FreeRTOS+IO add-on component for the FreeRTOS RTOS
Our Price: $195.00

Product Code: FREERTOS_IO

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FreeRTOS+IO is an add-on component that uses FreeRTOS to provide a POSIX "like" opne(), read(), write(), ioctl() interface to peripheral driver libraries. FreeRTOS+IO is not, in itself, part of the FreeRTOS kernel, and is licensed separately to FreeRTOS. Full FreeRTOS+IO product information is provided on the FreeRTOS+ web site.

This is a commercial license agreement for FreeRTOS+IO, which is software that can be used under either an open source or a commercial license. Businesses and individuals who wish to incorporate FreeRTOS+IO into proprietary software for redistribution in any form must first obtain the commercial license - which completely replaces all FreeRTOS+IO open source license terms. The commercial license permits the purchaser (the Licensee) to use the software in accordance with the terms set out in the FreeRTOS+IO commercial license agreement.

Two purchase options are available (view the FreeRTOS+IO licensing page to see if you qualify for a free license):

  1. Single product license
  2. Product line license
"Single Product" and "Product Line" are defined at the end of the license document. Both license types require a description of the product you intend to use FreeRTOS+IO in to be entered into the "Enter product definition" text box above.

Please ensure to read to the full license document before making a purchase, as the act of making a purchase is taken as your consent to be bound by, and become a party to, the agreement.

Thank you for supporting the future development, maintenance and support of the FreeRTOS project!