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FreeRTOS Microchip PIC32 Education Kit
PIC32 USBII Starter Kit DM320003-2
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Education kits are intended to give you everything you need to get started using FreeRTOS: hardware, software and knowledge.

This page presents an education kit specifically targeting the PIC32 microcontroller from Microchip.

Hardware and Development Tools

The kit includes a Microchip USB Starter Kit II - a low cost development board that enables users to develop USB embedded host, device and OTG applications on the high performane PIC32 micrcontroller family.

The board contains an on-board programmer/debugger, standard USB A and micro A/B connectors, and an expansion header compatible with the PIC32 Starter Kit expansion boards.

Included with the development board is a CD containing the free MPLAB development environment - please note that the host PC requires a Windows based operating system.


The kit comes with a printable PDF copy of the FreeRTOS tutorial book "Using the FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel - A Practical Guide - PIC32 Edition". This is a concise, step by step, 'hands on' guide that describes both general multitasking concepts and FreeRTOS specifics. It presents and explains numerous examples that are written using the FreeRTOS API. A paperback version of the book is available directly from the printers.

View the FreeRTOS PIC32 book table of contents: .

For the discounted price of $20 you can add a copy of the "FreeRTOS Reference Manual - API functions and Configuration Options". The reference manual is a more complete, edited, printable PDF version of the FreeRTOS API and configuration reference documentation available on the web site.

View the FreeRTOS reference manual table of contents: .

PDF books are emailed to the email address registered to your Paypal account.


The book presents eighteen FreeRTOS based examples written specifically for the PIC32 USB Starter Kit II, using the free C32 compiler and MPLAB IDE. The examples start off demonstrating the fundamentals of using FreeRTOS, and build through the book to gradually introduce more programming concepts. Source code and project files are provided for all eighteen examples.

Software is emailed to the email address registered to your Paypal account.